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Here at Peace Lutheran Church, our mission is to share with loving
concern, the true Word and gracious love of God with one another,
our community, and our world.
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"Knitted Together In God's Love"
Audio Sermons from the archives of Peace Lutheran Church with Pastor Tom Albertson
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Sermon Text: Mark 10:13-16
Sermon Summary:
I remember the first day that one of my children came home and brought me something they made out of clay. It was a small bowl, molded
and shaped by their hand and just the right size to hold my pocket change when I emptied my pockets out at night. I just loved that little
bowl, and one thing I knew for sure, there was not another one like it. You, and each and every other human being, are special because you
were made by God! He knit you together and formed you into the person you are today. God wants everyone to know that every life is
important to Him because of what Jesus has done. Blessings as we focus on God’s Word of Life and center our worship on the “Sanctity of
recorded January 23rd, 2011
"Called On The Carpet"
Sermon Text: Micah 6:1-8
Sermon Summary:
There are some people who could just talk their way out of any situation. However, as life goes there comes a time when that isn’t possible
anymore. You know you are caught in the act and there is no way out. That is the scene today in our reading in Micah. What God has laid
out before Micah is just like having video – irrefutable evidence. Today we explore our reaction to this situation, and God’s reaction.

recorded January 30th, 2011
"Come And See"
Sermon Text: John 1:29–42a
Sermon Summary:
Whenever I watch the news they always give some sort of teaser about what is coming up – just enough information to wet your appetite to
stay tuned and see what the story is all about. In today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus does that to two of John the Baptist’s disciples, and their
reaction to Jesus’ invitation is life changing. May you experience the love of your Savior as you “come and see” Him in worship.

recorded January 16th, 2011
"Heaven Wide Open"
Sermon Text: Matthew 3:13–17
Sermon Summary:
Growing up I was always told the world is big place, and the opportunities to be anything I want to be are wide open. I was thinking about
that in preparing for this Sunday how what happens here today is heaven is opened wide and joins with creation in Jesus. But even more
intriguing is the Father’s response to the ushering in of Jesus’ ministry among His people. “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well
pleased.” The words of encouragement are words we all long to hear.
recorded January 9th, 2011
"Following In Your Father's Business"
Sermon Text: Luke 2:40–52
Sermon Summary:
Here is an interesting phenomenon to think about. When we were young, our focus was always on the privilege of being older. As we grow
and mature, our focus turns to what it would be like to be younger again. The old phrase, “If I had only known then what I know now”
comes to mind. Today, we hear of Jesus growing in wisdom and stature in His Father’s business, as we see him move from the manger into
young adulthood. Today we can meditate that we too grow in wisdom and stature as we hear the word of the Lord today and focus on
what it means to be a child of God.
recorded January 2nd, 2011
"Motivate My Faith"
Sermon Text: Matthew 5:13-20
Sermon Summary:
Have you ever asked yourself why you get up in the morning? I know that sounds like a strange question, but for everything we do there is
some motivation behind it. Our Gospel lesson is a continuation of Jesus’ teaching of the Beatitudes to His disciples. He speaks of the
motivation behind sharing our faith. I pray that God may stoke the flame of faith in you as you come before Him in worship in thanksgiving for
the many blessings He has given you.

recorded February 6th, 2011
"Change of Heart"
Sermon Text: Matthew 5:21–37
Sermon Summary:
When we look for a change of heart, what we are usually looking for is for people to change their mind to do what we desire. Jesus has
something different in mind as He seeks a change of our heart. Since the heart is what drives our outward actions, Jesus concentrates on the
change that happens within us as we live our life in faith.

recorded February 13th, 2011
"Paybacks Are Sweet"
Sermon Text: Matthew 5:38–48
Sermon Summary:
What do we know about perfection? Jesus today is re-writing the Torah – the law – right before our eyes. What the Torah expressed was a
perfect way of Kingdom living. Jesus says you “must be perfect , as your heavenly Father is perfect.” However, as we read our lesson today it
might call to our minds how it is we practice kingdom living in our everyday life. We can live the law of the Pharisees and extract and “eye for
an eye” when someone wrongs us, but perfection – that may be outside our grasp. What God has done is give us the perfection the law
actually demands through Jesus.
recorded February 20th, 2011
"Don't Worry, Be Happy"
Sermon Text: Matthew 6:24–34
Sermon Summary:
Who hasn’t had an anxious moment or two? There are many situations we find ourselves in that cause us to worry or suffer a little anxiety. Jesus
seems to be switching gears for us today. With so many things that could go wrong in our lives, today Jesus tells us, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy.”
He tells us to put our trust in Him and He will see us through those things we worry about. Through Him we will have peace.
recorded February 27th, 2011
"Our Church On The Hill"
Sermon Text: Matthew 17:1–9
Sermon Summary:
We have all been to those places we just find magnificent. The ones I am talking about are the ones you just want to stay at and soak them in
a while. Today is Transfiguration Sunday. Matthew tells us Peter, James, and John were taken to such a place with Jesus. We see today that
everyplace we go is an opportunity to be in the presence of Jesus.
recorded March 6th, 2011